Kingston Improvement Association
Kingston Improvement Association  Fayerweather House

Kingston Improvement Association

The historic village of Kingston which was once known as Little Rest is unique in many ways, and its needs in today’s world are unique. The non-profit Kingston Improvement Association which is over 100 years old, serves the interests of the village and represents its needs to state and local government. Every resident is eligible for membership and every membership strengthens our voice and our programs.

The motivating factors for the founding of the Kingston Improvement Association in the 19th Century serve as the basis for our work in the 21st Century - to improve the beauty of Kingston Village and the safety and health and welfare of its people; and to develop, maintain, and promote Kingston as an historical center for public enjoyment.

Kingston Vignettes

A new feature to our site "Kingston Vignettes" offers a glimpse into the the history of Kingston Village. Our thanks to Elizabeth McNab for her continued support.