Kingston Improvement Association
Kingston Vignette

Streets of the Village I

by Elizabeth J. McNab

Often street names are taken for granted; the honor, historical background, or imagination that brought the name into being is lost over the years. The Kingston Improvement Association instigated one naming when its Executive Committee urged the Town Council to approve a petition to name the new Larkin's Pond Road that stretched to Perryville “Ministerial Road.” The request was approved during the spring of 1935 and was noted at the KIA meeting on April 8. This name had been selected because the road ran through the Ministerial Lands (stone marker at the corner of Curtis Comer Road) which were chosen as 300 acres of the best property in the Pettaquamscutt Purchase in 1668. Income from this property was to be used by the "orthodox" church (the Privy Council in England in 1752 decided the signers meant the Congregational Church) for payment of a minister. The full story of these lands is quite fascinating.

Many people are alive today or are related to residents who have had Kingston roads named after them or who have named roads. The Fortin family, members of whom have been very active in the Fire District (eastern boundary of the KFD is their home), owned and developed Fortin Road and built most of the houses on it. At various times Dr. Harold Browning, Dr. Edward Pease, Dean George Ballentine, Coach Frank W. Keaney, Dr. Warren Smith, Dr. William Metz, Mr. Matthew Kearns, and many others well known in Kingston lived in Fortin-built homes on the family's street.

Alcide Fortin, son of Omer who began the family's many contributions to the village also developed the Diane Drive area, naming the main road after his daughter who presently resides in a Fortin home on Mooresfield Road. Berth Avenue was named after his sister, and the name Altin Avenue is derived from a combination of his mother's name, Alice, and their last name, Fortin. The latest Fortin road is named Omer Drive.

Although Parkwood Drive abutting Potter Woods is a common name, Mark Glen Court off the west end is named for the Mark Developers - M for Mary Jane Bacon, A for Alcide, R for Ray Schwab and K for Ken Munroe. Rolens Drive also comes from a name combination, Robert and Leonard.

Higgins Drive was named for Thomas Higgins, able successor to Matthew Kearns as manager of the Kingston Fire District Water Department. They took the small Bernon-Lemoine Water Company when it was purchased by the Kingston Fire District and-began developing it into our present modern system. The Higgins Drive property had been owned by the Water Company.

Although John and Blanche Whalen with Blanche's brother named Linden and Locust for the trees growing in the area, they also thought of their relatives. Blanche's niece, Beverly Perry (Millard Perry's daughter) for Beverly Lane, her cousin for Conant Drive, and her grandmother for Barber Lane will long be remembered.