Kingston Improvement Association

Potter Wood

Potter Wood

Mary LeMoine Potter donated a 65 acre lot of land to the Kingston Improvement Association for the purposes of a Village wood and recreation area in 1935. In her will of 1938, she specified that funds be provided for the maintenance of the property by KIA.

In the 1930ís the property was mostly open meadow, so planting trees was the first task. The village school children, the Boy Scouts and others planted trees on the property.

By the 1950ís Potter Wood was forested. An area was cleared for a fireplace and picnic tables and $200 was allocated to build a road through Potter Wood for fire protection. Walking trails were developed and maintained.

By 1960, the ball field was developed. It took over three years to clear the space, including the use of dynamite by Dynamite Tucker to remove the stumps.

A swampy area was dredged in the late 1940ís to create a skating area. The level of the pond is very shallow so that skating is very safe. The Bechtold skating shed complete with fireplace was built in the 1960ís. When Mother Nature cooperates and the ice is smooth, the Villagers make good use of the pond for skating and hockey.

The main road through Potter Wood, originally developed for fire protection, was paved and became a short cut between South Road and Biscuit City Road. Accessible around the clock, it became a neighborhood nuisance as it was easy to party in the woods and dump trash on the trails. In 1979, the road was closed except during sewer construction on South Road. Steel posts were added to allow a chain gate to be closed overnight. The road reverted to itís original purpose: as a fire trail and wide walking path.
Deer in Potter Wood

In the 1970ís a playground and swing set were added in the picnic area. In 1981 the basketball court was refurbished in memory of Steve Nally. A memorial stone was dedicated in his honor at courtside.

Over the last 30 years, no major changes have been made to Potter Wood although upkeep and minor enhancements continue.

KIA believes that Potter Wood should remain a resource for Kingston as a place to stroll in the woods and enjoy nature.

Potter Wood is accessible from South Road or Biscuit City Road. Parking is available at 1500 South Road.

Hockey on Potter Wood Pond